the reality

when i woke up this morning, i looked at my mobile phone and read your text message. do you know how hurt it was?

surprised! it seemed so hard for you being with me because you have to lie to your closest people and pretend that you have nothing with me.

every time i build a relationship, the same reason will come obviously or silently. then it will break all my efforts and love one day. i don’t even know how can i always ignore it at first, believe that we can make it through all the odds. in fact we can’t and i will never win. looks like i have to prepare for the worst one more time. let you go and get your happiness with someone else. you know, i will always be me and can’t be the one who basically fulfills the primary requirement, though i have tried my best on the other stuff.

i am just a girl who hopes love and dream can be true or maybe only a stupid one


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