my quotes

“you don’t have to change a thing, because i love you just the way you are”

“eyes never lie. they’re the window of hearts”

“jealousy means insecurity of someone’s love”

“being a clown to cover my tears is my job”

“if someone you love never contact you first even once, it means he/she doesn’t have any interest in you. get ready to lose him/her”

“love isn’t a competition. love is different, it’s all about heart’s choice”

“always ends a fight with a very sweet goodbye”

“a fight can be a good fertilizer for a relationship”

“sometimes there are few things can’t be change, they only can be accepted. you’re the one who have to be able to adapt with it”

“as long as you’re still alive, don’t ever stop dreaming”

“we can’t buy maturity with money. it only can be bought by time and experience”


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